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Our Employment Solicitors have years of experience of advising and negotiating settlement agreements for employees.

So if you’re offered a settlement agreement or compensation package by your employer, we can set up an appointment quickly to enable you to go through the agreement with an Employment Solicitor.

We’ll discuss the background of your case and go through any potential claims that you may have against your employer.

And we’ll go through the terms of the agreement to identify whether you may require any amendments.

Settlement agreements can often contain lots of legal jargon. But our Employment Solicitors can explain the issues in clear terms, offering expert legal advice that’s easy to understand.

We have high client satisfaction rates and a strong track record of getting positive results for clients in settlement negotiations. Just one example of this is that we successfully negotiated a settlement package for one client representing three times her net salary.

We’re also open and upfront about legal costs and will discuss our Employment Solicitors fees with you before any work starts.

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More Information on Settlement Agreements

A settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement between an employer and an employee.

At its most basic level, it involves the employee being offered a compensation package in order to give up or compromise any claims that the employee may have against the employer.         

Conversations that take place whilst a settlement offer is being made are known as “protected” or “without prejudice” conversations. This means that they can’t be brought up in Court, subject to both parties following certain guidelines.         

Typically, settlement agreements are offered when the employment relationship is in the process of terminating, such as when a person is being made redundant.        

It’s a legal requirement to go through the terms of a settlement agreement with a Solicitor or independent legal adviser. The settlement agreement won’t be binding without a legal representative explaining the terms to you.

It’s common practice for employers to offer a contribution towards legal fees to cover off any legal advice you receive.

We realise that each employee is different and we tailor our legal advice accordingly. Some employees want their matter resolved promptly and amicably, whereas others want us to negotiate with their employer.

Our approach is based on what you want to do. This could result in us taking a diplomatic or robust stance against your employer.

If any issues do arise, we’ll revert back to your employer, requesting that they amend the terms of your settlement agreement. In some circumstances, this can result in you obtaining a much better offer of compensation.              

We’re also able to advise you on the tax position in terms of your settlement offer. This can help to ensure that any tax or National Insurance deductions are applied in the correct manner and reduce the risk that HM Revenue & Customs will seek to recover further tax at a later date. 

Funding Your Case

We’re always transparent and upfront about our legal fees, which we’ll discuss with you at the start to avoid any surprises.

We have different hourly rates, according to each Solicitor’s level of experience and a discount may be offered for the first hour.

On settlement agreements, employers usually make a contribution to your legal fees, which may be sufficient to cover our legal fees. In more complicated cases, where we’re asked to carry out extensive negotiations to secure a better settlement package, we may seek a higher contribution from the employer.

Any additional charges will be discussed with you in advance.

Subject to gaining an agreement with your insurer, we may be able to act for you under the terms of your Legal Expenses Insurance policy.

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