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If you have a problem at work and need the help of an employment solicitor we can provide an effective and quick assessment of your issue and provide you with a plan to help resolve it and explain the steps you could take as a way forward. We will provide you with a written headline summary of the consultation and an outline of what you can do next.

We offer a fixed fee, confidential telephone consultation with a leading employment solicitor for only £150 (VAT Included). Contact us today if you would like to know where you stand with your employment law issue.

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What will you get

        • A 45 minutes telephone consultation with an experienced employment solicitor
        • An analysis of your situation and a guide as to the way forward

We will help you with

        • Understanding if your employer has acted in breach of the law
        • How to approach your employer with your complaint
        • Investigating whether you can take legal action against your employer
        • A consideration of the time limits that apply to the claim you may have
        • An explanation of the process involved in bringing a claim against your employer
        • What you can expect from the Employment Tribunal process including the costs involved
        • A written headline summary of the consultation

When you have a dispute with your employer it can be difficult to know where to turn. It can be stressful and you can feel alone. The thought of speaking with a lawyer can be daunting and also you could be put off by the uncertainty of how much this will cost. For this reason we have created our consultation product which gives you both the reassurance and the cost certainty to help you move forward.

What will happen during the consultation?

  1. We’ll get details of your circumstances and a brief chronology of events.

  2. We’ll get to understand what you are trying to achieve in terms of an outcome

  3. We can tell you how the law works and can be applied in your circumstances

  4. We’ll give you an understanding of timing challenges and deadlines if you were to make a claim

  5. We’ll provide you with a guide as to a way forward and a headline summary of the consultation.

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