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Transcript - Legal Services

My name is Peter Watson and I’m the Managing Partner for Simpson Millar and I am based in our Leeds offices although I have responsibility for all 8 offices of the firm. Simpson Millar as a firm was founded about 150 years ago and our home for many years was in London Bridge. We now have 10 offices around England and Wales and our staff totals are above 250.

We have always had as a firm the needs and the rights of individuals at the core of our practice hence our longstanding relationship with the Communication Workers Union.

In terms of services to individuals we are one of the leading Claimant personal injury practices in the country and what that means is that we handle thousands of personal injury claims every year in order to try and secure compensation for people whether they have been injured at work in a car accident in the street or on someone else’s premises. Because of the volume of personal injury claims we handle we have a number of specialist teams within the personal injury field to ensure that the clients get the best possible representation. Our teams include a road traffic accident team, a Trade Union personal injury team, clinical negligence team which is also referred to as medical negligence and a industrial disease team which acts for people who are suffering from asbestos related illness, chest injuries and other chest conditions problems caused by the use of vibrating tools and other illnesses which could be as a result of harmful exposure to dangerous substances or machinery in the workplace.

In addition to our personal injury department we have also got a full range of other services to individuals which includes conveyancing, wills and probate, family law, employment law advice and lump sum investment or other independent financial advice. In keeping with our history of looking after the needs of individuals we also have a dedicated consumer protection department which deals with a wide range of matters where individuals have suffered financial loss at the hands of insurers banks or other institutions. Current areas we are pursuing claims for clients include the recovery of payment protection insurance mis-selling claims, un-enforceable loan agreements and inappropriate care home fees.

One of the areas that we have grown firm in recent years is the offering for small and medium sized businesses and we are now in a position to offer a full range of services to these companies which will include commercial property, company and commercial law and by that I mean advice on the sale and purchase businesses, shareholder agreements and we have a debt recovery service. The debt recovery team can handle a wide range of matters for businesses whether its simple invoice collection, general service charge recoveries, more involved winding up petitions but in addition to those specific matters we are also able to offer general advice to businesses on credit control and other internal management issues.

One of the areas where we try and add value to the service we offer businesses is where we have acted for them on an employment law related matter and what we try and do is not just deal with a specific issue which is causing them difficulty but also look at ways that they can avoid these difficulties arising again in the future. So we could offer to go in and do a review of all their contracts of employment, we could have a look at their risk assessment procedures and so the specific piece of work we have acted for can be a catalyst to say we now need to advise you more generally on these procedures that you have got in-house so that you don’t fall foul of the same problem again. There are a wide range of ways that firms or other businesses or individuals can instruct Simpson Millar. We have got over a hundred different sources of business codes that we use but some of the more common ones you may expect are referrals from existing clients which are particularly important to us because they generally mean that we have done a good job for the existing client who has referred us. Equally referrals from our Trade Union clients are very important and have been for many many years and will be in the future as are referrals from other institutional work providers.

The website is becoming an increasingly new source of work for us and this is an area where I think we have made substantial progress in comparison with many other firms. A lot of people do now like to contact us via the website and we have tried to make the website as easy and convenient to use be it for a general speculative application about the services we provide or if they have got a particular area of work that they want to e-mail us an enquiry about. For those people who don’t want to contact us by the website we have a centralised switchboard here in Leeds. We also operate a call centre out of Leeds where people can ring and make enquiries about any of the services we offer and then pass that onto the appropriate employee within the firm.

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