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Asbestos Related Illness Compensation Claims - Video

A copy of our asbestos related illness compensation video should be viewable below. A transcript of the file is also provided for your convenience. We hope you find the content useful and informative.

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Transcript - Asbestos Related Illnesses - Compensation Claims

One of the most common areas that we act for clients regarding is asbestos related illnesses. This is an area where we have seen a huge increase in the number of enquiries that we are getting.

Asbestos related claims usually relate to exposure to asbestos that happened 30 or 40 years ago, when asbestos was very, very common and indeed was used in most new building projects in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Occupations where we are finding a lot of our clients use to work in are laggers where they would use asbestos to lag pipes, also carpenters who would cut asbestos board and perhaps use if for building soffits in new built houses or partitioning in airing cupboards in new built houses or else use it for partitioning in industrial buildings. Also asbestos corrugated roofing was very common and we find clients who would be cutting asbestos roofing using hand tools and hand saws.

The most common asbestos illnesses that we are encountering are asbestosis which is cumulative that means that more you work with asbestos the more likely you are to develop the illness.

Also bilateral pleural thickening that again is cumulative and the more you work with asbestos the more likely you are to be suffering from that particular illness but the asbestos cancers including mesothelioma which is the cancer of the lining of the lung can be caused only by inhalation of a single asbestos fibre. That means that it is only necessary to trace one employer for whom somebody worked in order to succeed in obtaining compensation for that client.

We are experts in tracing Companies who used asbestos and whose employees worked with asbestos many years ago and where necessary their Insurers.

Emma Costin Head of Occupational Illness

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