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An Executor is the person/s named in a Will who is responsible for administering the deceased person’s Estate after their death.

But disputes between an Executor and Beneficiaries can often emerge over how the Executor has handled their responsibilities, in which case you should seek legal advice from a Contentious Probate Solicitor.

We understand that taking this step can be difficult, but our friendly and approachable Solicitors are experts in this field and handle each case sensitively.

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More Information on Executor Disputes

Executors and Personal Representatives are responsible for collecting in the Estate assets, settling liabilities and distributing assets to the Beneficiaries, as the deceased’s Will states or under Intestacy (if a person dies without a Will).

Executors have extensive powers and they also have duties to the Beneficiaries of the deceased’s Estate.

But if Executors or Trustees breach their duties or fail to progress the administration of the Estate, then they can be removed and replaced. They may also be held personally liable for any loss suffered.

Claims against Executors can include:

  • Unnecessary Delay in Dealing with the Estate.

  • Failure to Properly Administer the Estate and Provide Information.

  • Selling Property for Less than it’s Worth.

  • Paying Money to the Wrong Person.

  • Dishonesty.

We can also assist in defending claims against an Executor.

Our Solicitors understand that disputes over a person’s inheritance can be intensely personal and emotional.

That’s why we aim to provide pragmatic and realistic advice, putting forward practical solutions to help all parties come to an agreement.

We’ll advise you clearly without using legal jargon, so you know where you stand every step of the way.

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