Wife of Asbestos Victim Organises Charity Event


The wife of a man who lost his battle with mesothelioma in 2015 has organised a charity even to commemorate his 60th birthday to raise money for the Avon Mesothelioma Foundation, this February.

Steve and Alison Brookes

Who Is Steve Brookes?

Steve had worked in retail since he was 18, progressing to become a retail manager in a Bristol department store – a job which he loved. At the age of 58, Steve thought he was living a normal life; he was a non-smoker, and had been relatively fit his whole life.

After continued bouts of breathlessness, Steve and his wife Alison knew something was not quite right and went to the see their doctor. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma.

In the wake of the enormously shocking news, Steve began treatment.

After an initial 6 cycles of chemotherapy, Steve returned to work and lived a relatively normal life – working, spending time with his wife and children, and enjoying life as much as possible.

Alison comments:

"Steve was relatively young when he was diagnosed, and it was really important for him to be able to carry on as normally as possible – he was lucky in that he had very mild side effects from the Chemo at first, and was able to very quickly return to everyday life. Being able to do this really got him through, and helped him survive for 2 years following his diagnosis."

A Comfortable End

Steve's second round of chemotherapy came in September 2014, this time with 12 cycles, which continued through until January 2015. Up until this point, Steve had managed to return to work, but never fully recovered, and after being admitted to hospital in May, he was given days, and potentially weeks to live.

It was in this time that Steve made the decision to be at home – surrounded by his loving family who cared for him round the clock until the very end, supported fully by the District Nurses.

Alison goes on to say:

"The care provided by the Nurses throughout Steve's illness was brilliant; they came to see Steve frequently and whenever we called them for more medication. I am so pleased that there was not any trauma in relation to pain relief.

Throughout this time Steve kept saying; “I am so sorry” and I could only reassure him that there was nothing to apologise for; caring for him was what anyone would do for a loved one in this unimaginable condition."

Steve sadly passed away on the 18th May 2015, aged 60.

Raising Asbestos Awareness

The charity event organised by Alison will raise funds for the Avon Mesothelioma Research Fund which will go towards helping sufferers of the widely unknown disease.

Steve Brookes 60th Birthday Commemoration

  • Where: Longwell Green, Bristol
  • When: Saturday 27 February 7.30 till late
  • What: Live local singers, and a prize raffle (top prize is an iPad)
  • Cost: Tickets are £6.
  • How: Call or text 07788 293266 for tickets and more information

By sharing Steve's story, Alison hopes to raise funds for others who have been affected by mesothelioma; buying a ticket means you can support a great cause, and help build a support network for those who have seen the long lasting effects of the disease first hand.

Our Partner who specialises in asbestos illnesses, Helen Grady comments:

"This story is of particular importance to me, as Alison is my cousin – so not only do I work with victims of asbestos illnesses every day, I have seen first-hand the effects it can have on a family.

Both during his illness and after he passed away, Steve remained positive about the outcome, which serves as an uplifting message to all. The unfortunate reality is that mesothelioma is always terminal in nature, and I can't stress enough how important it is to get access to the right level of legal and medical support to make a sufferer's life more liveable.

The event on the 27th February will be a lovely evening commemorating the life of Steve and raising awareness for a little known, yet hugely impacting illness."

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