What Inconvenienced This Postman on His Break?


A 28 year-old postman has won compensation from his employer following an accident in the men's room at work.

Accident in the Workplace

Injured by Falling Panel

On 30 March 2012, the postman took a break from work to use the lavatory. He was in the toilet cubicle when a panel fell from above and hit him. The blow caused soft tissue injuries to his head, his neck and his back.

Negligence by Royal Mail

Responding to instruction from the postman's union the Communication Workers Union (CWU), Simpson Millar LLP wrote to Royal Mail Group. "We alleged that the accident was caused as a result of the employer's negligence," said Lisa Sheldon, Head of Personal Injury.

Lisa noted that the employer had breached its statutory duty on a number of counts, among them failing to ensure the toilet cubicle was safe for employee use, failure to maintain and make safe the loose panel and neglecting to close or cordon-off the toilet.

Compensation Agreed

"It all added up to a failure on the part of Royal Mail to provide a safe place of work," Lisa concluded. "In light of this, we're pleased to have secured for a compensation award of £2,250 for the postman."

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