What Can I Do If My GP Was Negligent In Adjusting My Medication?


Sarah Chambers, our solicitor specialising in medical negligence based in Leeds, has helped one of our clients receive £2,500 in compensation due to the negligence of a GP.

Medical Negligence

GP Reduces Medication

Our client has epilepsy and for more than 10 years prior to the events of June 2011, she had been seizure free. Between April 2010 and June 2011, our client's GP reduced the amount of medication our client takes for epilepsy to less than half of her usual dose. Any reduction in medication, especially to this extent, can have a vast impact on the health of a patient and so GP's should be very cautious in doing so. In June 2011, our client suffered an epileptic seizure and was taken to hospital where they increased her medication back to its usual dose.

She came to us at Simpson Millar LLP and we took on her case. The argument put forward was that on the balance of probabilities, the reduction of our client's medication caused her to suffer the epileptic seizure. It was argued that our client's GP:

  • Negligently failed to refer her for neurological review before reducing her medication
  • Negligently reduced her medication without considering blood test results and checking her condition

Our client suffered a further seizure in August 2011 but thankfully, has made a full recovery and the negligence caused by reducing her medication did not cause any damage.

Sarah Chambers Negotiates

The defendant in this case, the GP, denied any liability in this case on the basis that a referral to a neurologist was not mandatory. Despite this set back, the case was pushed on and court proceedings against the GP were issued. It is now a requirement by the Court that before proceeding to litigation, efforts are made to settle out of court. This is what we at Simpson Millar LLP always try to get the best result for our client whilst reducing legal fees where we can.

Sarah entered into negotiations based on the denial of liability and managed to secure our client a compensation amount of £2,500 in full settlement of her case.

One in every 100 people has epilepsy in the UK and efforts to reduce the medication of an epilepsy sufferer should be taken very seriously by any GP. This didn't happen in this case and with the help of Sarah Chambers, our client was able to receive compensation for the negligent treatment she suffered.

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