Tesco Worker Wins £3,000 after he Slipped over Water


A young man employed by Tesco as a home shopper slipped over in a pool of water in store and was awarded £3,000.

Wet Floor

Whilst going about his normal duties, the 26 year old Tesco worker slipped on a large patch of water by the floral display carelessly left by a colleague.

The worker slipped over on his left foot and came crashing down on his right knee. He felt immediate pain in his knee which swelled up instantly. He was helped to his feet and stumbled over to a chair.

Unable to stand the pain, he was forced to stop working and went home. He also went to his GP on the same day. They diagnosed him with a swollen knee and advised him to use pain relief to aid his symptoms.

Risks that could have been avoided

A careless colleague had failed to put down the anti-slip mats leaving the Tesco worker exposed to a potential hazard.

The pool of water that he slipped over was approximately the size of a dinner plate. This would have been large enough for someone to notice and recognise it as a danger to the public and workers in the store.

It was a risk that could have been avoided if the colleague had been more diligent in carrying out his duties. There were no warning signs displayed even though it is known that once displayed the flowers leak water.

A Swift Settlement Achieved

Simpson Millar was able to secure a swift settlement for the injured Tesco worker. Tesco readily accepted responsibility for the accident and awarded him £3,000 in compensation.

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