Supermarket personal injury victim receives £1,500 in compensation


We recently assisted a lady in an incident which occurred in September 2011 in the car park of a large supermarket.

Supermarket Car Park Slip

Our client was pushing her shopping trolley out of the store towards her car when the wheel of the trolley got caught in a dipped drain cover. This forced the trolley to topple over sideways and land heavily on our client's foot. She sustained soft tissue injuries to her foot.

Liability was denied by the defendant, as they felt that our client had overloaded the trolley and the fall was due to the motion and excessive weight. They also argued that no remedial works had taken place in the car park in relation to the drain cover in question.

The defendant alleged that our client had used the trolley in accordance with standard use, had overloaded it and was the author of own misfortune.

It was argued to the defendant that the accident report form did not support their allegations and that they had failed to advertise by use of sign, the correct usage of their trolleys.

An initial offer of £1,100 was offered which was negotiated to an increase of £1,500 compensation which was awarded to our client in relation to her personal injury claim.

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