Site worker who injured ankle after door accident wins £5,700


A Project Manager, who suffered an ankle injury at work, has successfully won £5,700 compensation from his employers.

Accident Report

Door accident causes ankle injury

The accident occurred as he was opening a porter cabin door to allow some visitors in.

As he was about to enter the porter cabin he heard someone shout his name and turned around to his right. In so doing, his left foot became caught in the gap between the step and a concrete slab. He felt immediate pain and had to be helped onto his feet by 2 colleagues and taken inside.

As his foot began to swell, he was seen by the onsite medics, who advised him to have his ankle and his foot x-rayed. Whilst at hospital, as well as x-rays he had an MRI scan and an ultrasound scan. It turned out he had sustained a soft tissue injury and therefore signed off work for 6 weeks.

During this time he was unable to drive or carry out any household chores. He also required help with getting in and out of the bath. As a result of the door accident he had to undergo minor surgery to his ankle and attend several hospital appointments. Unfortunately, his painful symptoms continue now, 3 years after the accident, and he is due to have a further operation.

Employers responsible for accident at work

We, at Simpson Millar, contacted the injured man's employers as they had failed to carry out a risk assessment of the area. They had also failed to maintain the area so that it would not lead to trips or falls. If his employers had carried out their duties correctly then they would have foreseen the risk of such an injury happening.

Following this accident, repairs were carried out to the area where the employee fell. A plate was placed over the gap to make the floor safe - however this came too late for the injured manager.

With medical evidence and witness statements from the visitors, we were able to help the Project Manager win £5,700 in compensation.

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