Simpson Millar negotiates nearly £5K damages for workplace tripping accident


A CWU member who suffered physical and psychiatric injuries after a tripping accident at work has been awarded £4,950 in a litigated employers' liability claim.

Slip Trip Fall

In January 2009 our client was routinely taking a tray of first-class post to the primary letters sorting area at Darlington Mail Centre. As she walked across the floor, her foot was caught on a stray piece of strappex, causing her to trip and fall to the floor.

The worker suffered cuts and bruising to her chin, bruising and swelling to both knees and sprained ligaments in her left thumb and wrist.

Attending A&E at Darlington Memorial Hospital, her treatment included X-rays and a cast on her left arm and wrist, as well as courses of physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Instructed by the CWU, we wrote to Royal Mail alleging its responsibility for the accident. As our client's employer the company had failed to provide a safe place of work, allowing an object to remain on the floor when it was an obstruction. Other counts included failure to provide competent co-workers, failure to provide adequate supervision and exposing our client to a foreseeable risk of injury, all contrary to the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

We were able to support the allegations with a witness statement from a co-worker, who confirmed the accident details.

Despite her hospital treatment and therapies our client continues to suffer pain in her left knee when walking upstairs or sitting, and has difficulty in gripping with her left hand. She was also forced to take time off work; a fact reflected in a final negotiated personal injury settlement after litigation of £4,950.

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