Simpson Millar LLP Client Tells his Story of Death Trap Slide


Simpson Millar LLP are fighting the corner of Des Jarvis, 46, who suffered a horrific injury whilst on a First Choice holiday in Turkey in August 2012.

Des Jarvis – Holiday Accident on Waterslide causes horrific leg injuryDes is not only fighting for justice, but he is also fighting to save his leg. The window fitter and fitness enthusiast was sent catapulting out of a chute on a waterslide at the hotel, crashing into the wall of the swimming pool at high speed.

Brutal Injury

After his harrowing and painful accident, Des was rushed to a hospital in Turkey, where he was operated on. It took First Choice three days to pay him a visit, once they did, they told him doctors operating in the UK would have amputated his leg.

Continuing Battles

The accident is far from resolved, It didn't end after the injury itself. Des had to have metal plates and screws put into his leg, essentially to hold it together. Since the accident, Des was also told that an infection had developed around the wound and they may have to amputate from just above the ankle.

He now struggles to even climb the stairs in his home, whereas before the accident, Mr Jarvis played golf twice a week and was a keen member of his local gym, which he attended daily. To date, Des has had 5 operations on his ankle an has had a 'cage' bolted to his leg, in an effort to save it. Des has commented that the injury has "ruined his life" and that the waterslides at the First Choice hotel are "death traps".

In his legal battle, First Choice hasn't admitted or denied responsibility for the accident. Under court rules, this should have been done in the first 6 months of the dispute. This hasn't given Des any closure, and so it is clearly distressing him further. On top of this, First Choice hasn't disclosed important documents, such as the risk assessment carried out on the slide and details regarding its construction.

This lack of information has left Des feeling anxious.

A spokeswoman for First Choice said “We operate the strictest quality controls across all our hotels.” If they do, one would wonder why they aren't disclosing their risk assessment?

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