Shopper wins £2,250 for ankle injury after supermarket slip


A shopper who sustained an ankle injury at a branch of a major supermarket has been awarded £2,250 in damages with the help of Simpson Millar.

Supermarket Slip

Supermarket slip in Morrisons

Our client was shopping in the Kirkham, Lancashire branch of Morrisons in November 2011. As he made for the wines and spirits aisle, he slipped on a wet substance, thought to be beer, which had been spilled and left on the floor.

As he slipped and fell he twisted his ankle. He reported the situation to a manager, who recorded the matter in the store's accident book.

Not only had the spillage apparently been ignored, but no warning signs had been placed in the vicinity, even after our client reported the incident.

Medical check-up for ankle injury

Because of the pain he was in, the man went to his local health centre who confirmed the severity of his ankle injury. He was prescribed painkillers and told to rest for 3 to 4 weeks. He also suffered flashbacks of the incident for a week.

The shopper was unable to play football or go the gym because of his ankle injury. Even now when pressure is applied he finds it painful and uncomfortable.

Simpson Millar assists shopper

We contacted the supermarket on the shopper's behalf as Morrisons had breached its common law duty of care by failing to ensure that our client was safe in using the premises. The store was negligent in that it exposed the shopper to a danger which it ought to have known was present, and had failed to provide any means to warn him of the hazard.

Following medical evidence, we were successfully able to elp the shopper win £2,200 compensation.

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