Same Story, Different Dog – Postman Attacked by a Terrier


A postman was bitten by a terrier whilst out doings his rounds. These types of dogs are known for their lively characters and territorial instincts. They are also recognised for their ability to escape fences and so owners should ensure that they are secure at all times, especially if they are of an aggressive nature.

Dog Bites on Postal Round

Dog Had a History of Violence

The neighbour of the dog owner provided us with a statement to help us identify the character of the dog and whether it had a hostile nature. In their statement, the neighbour described the dog as very aggressive when in its own territory. She described that when walking past the boundary wall of the house, the dog would jump up onto the wall that was face height, growling, snarling and snapping at a dangerous distance. About a year earlier, the dog jumped the wall, bolted across the road and attempted to attack her son's dog. She had approached the owner on previous occasions about the dog's behaviour and was told that the owner would consider putting up a fence above the wall but the local council would not allow it.

Other Post Workers at Risk

When Simpson Millar LLP representing the postman looked into the case, they found a number of failures by the dog owner that put the postman at risk.

These included:

  • Failing to put notices up to warn of the presence of the dog
  • Failure to secure the dog so it would not pose a foreseeable risk
  • Failing to be aware of the dogs territorial nature even after receiving warnings

A postman that regularly delivers to the property testified to the fact that when mail is delivered to the property the dog has a tendency to attack and destroy it.

The dog had a history of aggressive behaviour and so it was not hard to fight the case on behalf of the postman. On the completion of his case, he was awarded £3,000 in compensation.

Top Tips to Take Home if you have Been Bitten by a dog

  • If neighbours have had a problem with the same dog, they may be able to give a statement on your behalf
  • If you have concerns about the route you deliver post on, you should try to raise these concerns with your employer
  • Other people you work with may have noticed the behaviour of a dog, try to share information on rounds like this to stay safe

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