Road Worker Hit by Bus Wins £5,865 for Injury Claim


A road worker struck by a bus while at work has won £5,865 compensation.

Safety Gear for Road Worker

The road worker was going about his duties applying topsoil to a grass verge as new kerbstone was being put into place. All possible safety precautions had been undertaken - he was wearing a high visibility jacket, cones had been positioned at the side of the road, a 'Men at Work' sign had been placed to warn motorists and about 15 yards away a set of temporary traffic lights had been installed. All traffic had been thoroughly warned to proceed with caution.

Hit by a Bus

As the man proceeded to the verge to lay the new kerbstone he was suddenly and without warning struck by a single decker Claxton bus. He received a blow to his right elbow and shoulder and tumbled to the ground. As he hit the floor he hurt his right hip.

An elderly lady on the bus, shouted out to ask him if he was ok. He replied he was not but before they could speak further the bus pulled off without even giving him a second thought. The kind old lady reported what she had seen to the police as she was obviously disturbed.

Our road worker attended a walk in centre for the injuries sustained to his right elbow and shoulder. He was examined and advised to take pain killers. However, even after visiting his GP the pain did not subside. He was then referred for physiotherapy and had to attend 6 sessions before his elbow and shoulder started to recover. The injury to his right hip was minor and luckily healed in its own time.

Injury Claim

The damage to his right shoulder still gives the road worker pain everyday even after receiving injections. This in turn leads to him being unable to sleep.

The road worker instructed Simpson Millar to take on his personal injury claim. Fortunately, the bus company admitted responsibility for the accident on behalf of their reckless driver. We were able to secure medical evidence supporting his injuries and achieved a settlement that our road worker was happy with. He successfully won £5,865 for his injury claim.

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