Retired Woman Gets Justice and £3,500


Back Injury Soft tissue DamageAt 79, our client was living an active social life driving and attending regular line dancing with her friends. But one day, she was out walking with her daughter when she tripped on a faulty drain cover.

She was thrown to the floor on her front and suffered fractured ribs and a painful bruised knee. She tried to lift herself up off the floor but fell backwards and suffered soft tissue injuries to her back.

After seeking medical advice, the retired lady was given painkillers to ease the pain of her cracked ribs and sore back.

Following the dreadful fall, our client who was once very active found it difficult to walk with the pain in her back and legs. She was stopped from going out and living a normal life, as she was unable to go about her business alone without the assistance of her daughter. And when her daughter was unavailable to help she had to use a walking stick, feeling too unstable without one. When she was out walking, she was constantly looking for somewhere to sit and rest, as she was only able to walk short distances.

All of this struggling was caused by the carelessness of defendants in failing to ensure the pavement was safe for pedestrians.

A personal injury claim was started, to bring the wrong doers to justice and ensure that our once active, retired client got the compensation she deserved.

As it was private land, the owners were hard to track down. On investigation we found them, Wesleyan and General Assurance LTD, and discovered that they had employed a managing agent, Turner and Co Hereford LTD, to run the site on their behalf. The claim was re-directed to them for investigation.

After hard negotiation, the managing director accepted fault and they offered the retired lady a compensation payment of £3,500, which she accepted.

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