Postwoman's Work Mishap due to Cleaning Fault by Another Firm


A Sittingbourne postal worker has been awarded damages following an accident at her sorting office.

Slipped on Wet Floor

Spilled Water

While working at her sorting frame on 10 January 2013, she slipped on a pool of water that had leaked from a cleaning machine. The equipment was being used by an employee of the facilities management services firm, Romec.

Soft Tissue Knee Injuries

The fall caused the worker to suffer soft tissue injuries to her knee and a torn rotator cuff in her right shoulder. To recuperate from her injuries, the 53 year-old was obliged to take time off work.

We were instructed by the worker's union, the Communication Workers Union (CWU), to pursue a personal injury claim for compensation against Romec. The firm had exposed her to foreseeable risk of injury, breaching its duty in accordance with Occupiers' Liability legislation which protects people who have an accident on someone else's property.

List of Errors Caused Accident

"Romec had failed to provide a safe access route and to fence off the hazard created by the spill," said Gary Tierney of Simpson Millar LLP. "Flooring was not in an adequate state of cleanliness, visitors were unaware of the water on the floor, and the Romec cleaner was not adequately trained in the use of the firm's equipment."

Cleaning Firm Responsible

The firm admitted responsibility for the incident after medical evidence was obtained, and compensation of £6,175 was awarded to our client.

"I was very happy with the service I received. It was all a very painless operation and I was kept informed of progress at every step," she said after settlement, adding that she hoped cleaners would in future be employed at night rather than during the day, when regular postal workers are busy.

Top Tips to Take Away:

  • An accident at work that you couldn't help isn't necessarily the fault of your employer – there could be a third-party company involved
  • Such firms must ensure their own staff are proficient and their equipment is safe

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