Postman bitten by dogs – but could anyone else have been attacked?


A Wigan postal worker who was injured after 2 dogs attacked him on his mail delivery has won compensation from the animals' owners.

Dog Attack

In August 2011 the postman was on his regular walk, making deliveries in Hindley Green. Because he was carrying a large parcel, he had to knock on the door rather than just posting it through the letterbox.

Bitten without warning

After a short delay the householder opened the door. As he did so however, black Scottish terriers suddenly ran from inside the property and began to attack the postman.

The attack led to severe puncture wounds to both his legs, which he had treated without delay at his local A&E.

The injury led to prominent and unsightly scar tissue which continues to cause him discomfort, itching and redness.

Confidence dented

He has also suffered a significant loss of confidence, even finding it difficult to relate to his own dog since the accident.

Under instruction from the postman's union, CWU, we wrote to the householder alleging that the dog owners had failed to take adequate steps to control their animals, permitting the dogs to remain unrestrained when the owners knew they were liable to act fiercely.

Witness was almost attacked himself

Acting for the postman, Simpson Millar LLP's Misty Cawley noted that the dogs appeared to be quite vicious, proven by the fact that they attacked our client and bit him.

"This was further borne out by a witness whose statement tallied with our client's account of the incident," Misty said. "The witness, the defendants' next-door neighbour, was familiar with the terriers' aggressive tendencies and had once almost been attacked himself. So we concluded that the dogs posed a foreseeable risk of injury to our client in accordance with the Animals Act."

For his injuries, losses and expenses, our client was awarded compensation of £2,500.

Top tips to take away:

  • If a dog on your walk is clearly aggressive, tell your line manager – your manager can suspend deliveries to that property until the problem's resolved
  • If you're attacked by a dog in a public or private place, you could be entitled to make a personal injury claim
  • Report any aggressive dogs on your walk. Remember that someone else will cover your walk whilst you are on holiday or away ill.

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