Postal worker wins £4,000 compensation from Royal Mail for soft tissue injuries


Fall down stairsSimpson Millar has won damages against Royal Mail on behalf of a postal worker who suffered soft tissue injury after inadvertently falling.

Our client, who is employed by Royal Mail as a postal worker, was on duty on 14 October 2009 when he tripped on some stairs at his Alton, Hampshire workplace. As he descended, his shoe was caught on the edge of a loose anti-slip tread and he fell, hurting his shoulder and fingers.

A medical examination found that he had sustained soft tissue injury to his left hand, right arm, right knee, left knee, right foot and right shoulder, with symptoms on-going.

Since the anti-slip bar had come away from the stairs through no fault of the worker, it was felt that his employer had provided defective steps. We therefore alleged that the defendant, the Royal Mail Group, was in breach of its duty of care under the terms of the Occupiers' Liability Act and the Workplace Regulations.

Liability for the accident – a timely, if unfortunate illustration of how employers must keep the workplace safe and have a system in place for inspection and repair – was admitted by the defendant, which agreed compensation for our client's personal injuries of £4,000.

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