Postal Worker Injured by Faulty Doors


A Rotherham postal worker has received compensation from her employer following an accident in which her jaw was broken.

Accident Claim Paperwork

On 17 September 2010, the 39 year-old woman was walking through an electronic door to the platform at her workplace in Brightside Lane, Sheffield.

Continuing Symptoms

Although the doors were in the open position, they suddenly closed as she walked through, hitting her on her right side and causing injury to the right side of her jaw.

A subsequent medical examination revealed the worker to have suffered a broken jaw on the right side and bruising to her right side and breast.

She continues to suffer pain and clicking from her fractured jaw, particularly when chewing.

A later assessment revealed a fault with the sensors on the doors, and that similar accidents had occurred in the past.

Royal Mail was Negligent

We wrote to Royal Mail alleging that the group was negligent in that it had failed to provide and maintain suitable equipment, creating a shortfall in the protection afforded to its employees.

The total of ten counts which breached Health and Safety legislation added up to the defendant exposing its employee to a risk of injury which in the circumstances was foreseeable.

Unrepaired Defect

"This is a case where a defect had not been repaired, despite previous incidents, and as a result our client was injured," commented Misty Cawley of Simpson Millar, who acted for the worker on the instruction of the CWU.

Importance of Reporting Problems

Our client was awarded a compensation settlement of £5,000, after which Misty concluded: "It is important that if you notice a defect in your workplace, it is reported through the appropriate channels.

"Not only can this ensure the defect is repaired, but it also makes a record of the defect; if someone is again injured as a result of the same problem, the record can help clarify matters."

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