Pensioner who Tripped Over Paving Stone Wins £1,875


A 93 year old lady who suffered severe bruising and a large cut to the face after she tripped over an uneven paving stone has been awarded £1,875 in compensation from her local council.

Accident Report

Tripped Over a Paving Slab

At the age of 93, the old lady was quite active. She was used to running her own errands and went in and out of her local town centre daily. She liked to keep active so she did not become 'seized up'. She had always been proud of her independence and confident prior to her unfortunate accident.

Whilst on one of her daily trips into town she suddenly tripped over and fell forward on the uneven paving slab. Due to the fall she suffered a severe gash to the left side of her face, bruising to her chest and left side.

Her injuries were so severe an ambulance was called to the scene and she was taken to hospital where her injuries were confirmed by doctors. She had suffered from a gash to her eyebrow, bruising to her chest wall, left shoulder and left upper arm. The cut on her face was so terrible it required stitches.

Anxiety from being Tripped Over

When Simpson Millar LLP approached the local council on the lady's behalf they admitted some fault. They admitted a failure to repair the defective paving slab which the old lady tripped over and exposing her to a potential hazard. However, they also wanted the poor injured pensioner to admit she was at fault because the accident happened in daylight hours and stated she should have been more aware of the defective paving slabs because of this.

Following the accident she required physical assistance and help with the house work and shopping due to the severity of the fall.

The injured old lady suffered anxiety from the attack which lowered her self-confidence and shattered her independence. This continued after the accident prompting Simpson Millar LLP to gain psychiatric medical evidence to ensure the best possible settlement for her.

Given the lady's old age it was accepted that splitting responsibility for the accident was in her best interests and that she was successfully awarded £1,875 by the council.

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