Office Carpet Tile Trip to 70k Compensation


On 27 June 2009, Mrs Susan Green of Sydenham was at her workplace, Barclays Bank in Bromley, south-east London. Walking back to her workstation after retrieving a fax, she tripped over a loose carpet tile.

Slip Trip and Fall

Heavy Fall Rekindled Old Problem

The trip caused Mrs Green, then 59, to fall heavily into the fax/printer, and she sustained severe bruising to her leg, back, shoulder and arm.

Job Lost – Why?

Since her fall had exacerbated an existing back injury, she required substantial treatment from her GP and was thereafter referred to a consultant orthopaedic surgeon.

As a result of the incident Mrs Green was unable to do her job and had to retire.

Safety Failings

Our claim against Barclays was made on the basis that the bank had failed to keep its floor free of any article which could cause someone to trip.

"The carpet tile had become loose, constituting a hazard to anyone walking across the floor," said Gary Tierney, acting for the woman following a request from the Communication Workers Unions (CWU).

"The bank failed to ensure its employee's safety, having not kept safe an area that Mrs Green nonetheless was obliged to use as part of her job."

In so doing the bank had failed to take reasonable care for the safety of our client.

Simpson Millar LLP was "Outstanding"

"I was very happy with the service," Mrs Green said after her compensation award of £70,000. She was retired from her job on the grounds of ill health so the majority of the compensation was for lost future earnings. Mrs Green continued, "Gary Tierney was outstanding and kept me informed all along the way. I have never claimed anything before, so I did not know what to do. Gary did everything for me and I would recommend Simpson Millar LLP to family and friends."

Note to employers

Gary Tierney commented: "This case demonstrates the importance of keep the working environment safe and free from hazards that could cause a person to trip or slip.

"It should be noted that, after the bank received our initial letter of claim, Mrs Green was forced to retire from its employ."

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