Nurse who slipped over wins £11,110 in compensation


Slipped over path

After attending a home visit to patient, a nurse slipped over on part of the path which was uneven. She fractured her wrist and damaged her shoulder when she fell.

Because of her injuries, the nurse required a cast for 6 weeks and received care from her husband and her neighbour on a regular and daily basis.

After several years, she still has difficulty with tasks such as carrying shopping bags and opening jars.

As well as her physical injuries, the nurse also suffered psychological injuries after she slipped over. The nurse suffered shock and this affected her sleep and made her feel sick. Since the accident, our client is extremely wary whenever she is out and about.

The lady had to take 10 weeks off work and spent her first 2 weeks back on light duties.

Simpson Millar LLP fought for the best outcome

The nurse came to Simpson Millar LLP after returning to work. We gathered evidence showing that if the path been maintained properly, the injury wouldn’t have occurred.

The council's insurers admitted responsibility early on, yet they resisted our offers to settle. They were only willing to offer substantially little, and later withdrew these offers.

Because of this, we secured witness evidence and additional medical evidence. As the date for trial got closer we managed to achieve a settlement of £11,110 for the nurse. This figure was larger than what our client had originally hoped for.

The nurse appreciated the outcome we ultimately achieved. This case illustrates that sometimes those responsible are reluctant to accept a well calculated and reasonable offer to settle. However, Simpson Millar LLP continued to fight for the best interests of the nurse, and managed to get the compensation she deserved, without going to trial.

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