No leg to stand on as kitchen worker wins compensation claim


A 43-year old Leicestershire woman who suffered medical complications four years ago as a result of workplace ankle injury has been awarded £16,000 in compensation.

Nicola Baker, a council employee at Leicester City Catering, was working as a kitchen assistant at Fullhurst Community College when she tripped on rubble on a campus pathway close to where building work had been taking place. As a result of her fall, Nicola developed Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) forcing her to endure months of anxiety and debilitating pain.

“It was an awful time. As well as the pain from the soft tissue damage to my ankle, my leg became very swollen and discoloured. Tests at Leicester Royal Infirmary revealed that I had a dangerous blood clot which made my situation even worse. I was in terrible pain for a long time,” said Nicola.

Already depressed and at her wits end, Nicola was then told by doctors that she had an inherited condition which made her susceptible to blood clots. “I was certain it was the fall that had set it off.”

The severity of the injury meant that Nicola was forced to take three months off work.

“Because of the thrombosis I was in constant agony and my life felt like it had been put on hold. I was worried about knocking into anything sharp in case I cut myself because of the high dose of the blood-thinning drug Warfarin I was taking. The future looked very grim,” she said.

Nicola’s payout is the conclusion of a lengthy legal battle championed by Emma Roberts, a partner at national law firm Simpson Millar. Emma who works in Simpson Millar’s Manchester office, obtained Orthopaedic evidence and a specialist report from an expert Haematologist linking the development of the DVT to the accident. With those findings in hand, Nicola’s claim was successful and she was awarded the compensation which made her able to get on with her life.

“I don’t know what I would have done without Simpson Millar,” said Nicola. “The Haematologist who Emma introduced me to was able to explain my condition in great detail and in a way I could understand. He confirmed that my ankle injury had in fact caused the clot which had then travelled up to my groin causing permanent vein damage in my leg.

“Without Emma’s advice I would still be fighting for justice. It was just such a relief to know that my instincts had been right– and to finally get to the bottom of what had happened to me that day I stumbled and fell.”

Emma said: “It was a complex case but I was determined to make sure Nicola got the compensation that she deserved. In the end, we managed to agree on double the amount she had initially been offered which took account of some future implications which had been linked to the accident and gave a settled that was far more reasonable given the pain she has suffered.”

“In so many instances, people are made to accept life as it is after an injury without having the necessary financial means to adapt. Thankfully Nicola didn’t give up; she knew what was right and we were able to help her prove it.”

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