Neglected trolley training costs Asda £10K compensation after muscular injury


A shop worker who received no proper training for his role has been compensated for the muscular injury he received after he was unable to control a 'train' of shopping trolleys.

Supermarket Trolley accident

Early in January 2011, the Asda porter was collecting trolleys from outside the supermarket's Boston, Lincs branch. New to his job, he had already been introduced to his co-workers, who gave him a basic outline of what the role entailed.

His main job was to retrieve trolleys from the car park and return them to the store. He was also responsible for collecting baskets and removing any rubbish left behind by customers.

However, at no time did he receive any formal training. Most critically, he was not told that he could push no more than 8 trolleys at any given time, or that he must use a strap to 'contain' the individual units.

On this occasion he was pushing 9 trolleys back towards the store, a process which required him to negotiate a dip in the car park. As the trolleys' forward momentum pushed them into the dip, they swerved sideways and the porter began to struggle.

In trying to regain control, mainly to prevent the 'train' disastrously colliding with shoppers, the porter felt a sudden sharp pain, which started in his left shoulder and travelled down his arm.

The accident had caused him to suffer a direct muscular injury to the tendons in his left shoulder, for which he was to need extensive surgical repair. Although he recovered from the surgery, his shoulder remained stiff, with its movements permanently impaired.

The porter instructed Simpson Millar to act on his behalf. Within 12 months of Asda receiving a formal Letter of Claim, the defendant admitted liability and we were able to secure supportive medical evidence and a compensation award of £10,186.

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