Nearly £9K damages for CWU member after machine accident


After instruction from the Communication Workers' Union, Simpson Millar obtained damages for injuries sustained by a machine operator in an employers' liability accident at the Doncaster Mail Centre.

At around 3.25am, our client walked from his LSM2 letter sorting machine to check for post on the Mech Bag Opening Belt.

As his route took him past the inward MIST station, he stopped in the walkway to look over the inward bag opening area as he was unable to gain access by the flats on the end of the belt.

It was then that his left elbow was suddenly struck by a York cage being pushed by a co-worker. As a result of the blow, the machine operator sustained an injury which required medical treatment from his GP and he was forced to take time off work.

The CWU asked us to contact Royal Mail alleging that the employer was responsible for the accident and our client's injury. Among other oversights the organisation had failed to provide a safe place of work, competent fellow employees and a safe means of access; allowed the cage to be overloaded; and failed to act on health and safety recommendations concerning positioning of the MIST stations.

Our client's employer accepted fault for the accident and agreed to pay damages of £8,950, plus additional costs for medical treatment.

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