My employer failed to put out proper hazard warning signs and I fell


We recently helped a man after Royal Mail failed to put up the proper hazard signs forewarning him of a potential danger. He slipped at work on the wet floor after the cleaner had left excessive amounts of cleaning fluid on the floor.

Wet Floor Sign Bathroom

"Slipping hazard" and "Caution Wet Floor" – Why use these signs?

Whilst at work in his role as a postman he visited the toilet. It was there he slipped, hitting his head and body between the side of the cubicle and the toilet bowl. Racked with pain across his body, the postman reported the accident immediately.

While some people may slip on a slippery surface and get back up unscathed, this is a case where someone has suffered multiple injuries. They could have been prevented by warning people of the slippery floor immediately, or simply not leaving large amounts of cleaning fluid on it.

Medical evidence we gathered showed that the postman had multiple soft tissue and joint injuries. He experienced headaches, neck, knee, elbow, rib, wrist, ankle, chest and back pain. Some of his injuries lasted over a year, having headaches 2-3 times a week for many months.

Because of this long lasting effect, he found himself unable to do lifting without experiencing some pain and discomfort. His hobbies were also affected, he had to stop playing table tennis and going dancing.

What did Simpson Millar LLP do for this postman?

When we first took on the man’s claim, responsibility was denied for his injuries. However, the company who insured his employer admitted responsibility. The medical evidence gathered showed how his injuries were still a big problem in his life, despite the fact he was able to return to work quite quickly.

We managed to settle his claim for £6,600, which was achieved without going to court and reflected the on-going effect of the postman's injuries.

Gary Tierney, Partner at Simpson Millar LLP handled the case from the start, he said:

"Employers should be aware that if cleaning is in progress then appropriate signage should be used so as to prevent injuries to those using the area."

Top tips to take home

  • Slippery surfaces should be identified properly before a person enters the area
  • Be honest with your solicitor, if your injuries are really affecting your life you can be compensated for the inconvenience
  • You should report any accidents you have at work immediately, any evidence you gather can help to strengthen your claim

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