Moving the goal posts on personal injury


A school pupil who fell on the remnants of an old goal post whilst playing rugby has received compensation for his injuries.

First Aid Box

Blind tackle

The boy, 11 years of age at the time of the injury was at school participating in a PE lesson. He was part of a team playing rugby, and as he went in for a tackle he landed on a metal pole that had been left in situ in the ground.

The metal pole was actually part of the goal post which had been removed, only the school failed to remove the post in full. The school's PE teacher was aware of the accident and called the pupil's mother as soon as possible. He advised her of the situation and told her the pupil would require further medical treatment.

The boy sustained a laceration to his knee which required stiches at a nearby hospital.

Own goal

We helped the mother claim based on the fact, the school had failed to warn pupils of the presence of the post which had not been removed, they also failed to cordon off the area. Furthermore it was obvious that an inadequate risk assessment or safety inspection was undertaken, or none at all.

The school ought to have known that this danger was present and therefore they accepted responsibility, compensation of £3,500 was duly awarded.

Top tips to take home:

  • An injury that occurs whilst playing sport can still be claimed for, especially when it was avoidable
  • Schools have a duty of care towards their pupils, always check whether measures were taken to ensure they are kept safe
  • We see a surprisingly large amount of injuries caused by goal posts that are in disrepair, or not set up properly – keep an eye out for this kind of problem

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