Man Who Fell From Ladder Wins £1,700 for Head Injury


A construction worker who fell from a ladder and suffered a head injury has successfully won £1,700 with the help of Simpson Millar LLP.

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Construction worker falls off ladder

The man had been working with the same company for over 10 years, and on the day of his accident he was working at a private property. He had been told to block up the windows on one side of the house, in preparation for an extension.

As he climbed up 17 feet to reach the roof, the ladder suddenly moved backwards. The ladder fell to the side taking the terrified construction worker with it.

He fell to the ground causing an awful cut to his head. The worker received no first aid but was helped by colleague who covered the wound. He attended his local hospital and where glue was applied to the cut.

Since the accident the construction worker has suffered headaches and does not like heights.

Compensation claim for Head Injury

The construction worker came to Simpson Millar LLP to begin his claim stating that his employer had failed to provide health and safety training. Also, they had not provided protective clothing, such as a hard hat with a chin trap.

Initially, the construction company argued that the construction worker should have known the dangers As he had experience of climbing ladders, they stated he should have known how to set one up correctly.

His employers tried to shirk their responsibilities by claiming the injured construction worker was partly responsible for his accident. After negotiations, Simpson Millar LLP was able to get £1,700 compensation for the worker.

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