Machine Worker Wins £2,763 after Suffering Hurt Hand


A machine worker has won a compensation payment of £2,763 after his employer failed to ensure his safety while working on a machine, resulting in a hurt hand.

Accident at work

The worker was employed to work on a machine with an irrigation pipe. His job was to feed the pipe into the machine so that it coiled as it entered. Whilst this was happening it was necessary for the worker to keep a close eye on the pipe to see if it was gathering.

Unsafe Machine Causes a Hurt Hand

As the pipe was being fed into the machine by our worker, he looked in the machine to see if the pipe was gathering. As the pipe was being pulled in, the machine jerked the coiling bundle of pipe. Our operative’s hand became caught in the machine resulting in a hurt hand later identified as soft tissue damage. According to the doctor assessing our machine operator, all symptoms of the accident would be resolved in around 20 months.

There were no guards put in place to stop an event such as this occurring.

Employer’s Faults Brought to the Forefront

With the help of Simpson Millar the injured worker was able to claim against his employer for his injuries.

The wrongdoings of his employer included a failure to make a suitable assessment of health and safety risks. There was also a failure to adapt the work equipment so that it was suitable for its purpose by not installing a safety guard on the machine.

The employer did not provide satisfactory health and safety training or ensure the work equipment was maintained in an efficient state.

Fault was quickly accepted by the employer. We were able to obtain medical evidence swiftly and used this in support of the worker’s claim.

The machine worker was offered a compensation win of £2,763 which he accepted.

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