Lorry Driver Wins £3530 for Knee Injury at Premier Inn


A lorry driver has won £3530 after suffering a knee injury delivering linen to a Premier Inn hotel.

Knee Injury

The Lorry Driver was employed by a textiles company to deliver metal cages of clean linen to hotels and then collect the dirty linen. He was employed to drive large lorry loads to different hotels across the country.

On this particular day, he was at a Premier Inn doing his usual pick up of linen and replenishing with clean linen. When making the delivery, he stubbed his right foot on a raised metal strip in the ground. He then fell forwards forcefully and twisted his knee.

The man managed to drive back to the Transport Depot and immediately reported the accident to his manager.

As a result of the accident, he suffered a soft tissue knee injury on the outside of his right knee. He endured painful symptoms for 4-6 months after the incident, and needed to take time off work to recover.

He then approached Simpson Millar to assist him with a claim for damages from Premier Inn. We wrote to Premier Inn with photographic evidence of the scene and the injuries. It was alleged that Premier Inn had failed to remove the metal strip and make the area safe for visitors and employees to use.

Premier Inn did not formally admit they were to blame for the accident. However, with the evidence supplied and medical records of the lorry driver’s injuries, a settlement was reached.

Premier Inn initially offered a low compensation award, but we managed to negotiate a higher compensation amount of £3530 which our client accepted.

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