I've been bitten by someone else's dog, what can I do?


We recently assisted a Royal Mail employee and Communication Workers Union (CWU) member in claiming compensation after receiving a nasty dog bite when he was doing his rounds.

Royal Mail Employee

Doing his job

The postman had just delivered to the post box outside the gate of a residential property. He could see two dogs barking, growling and jumping in the garden. He continued to walk along the public path and passed this property. As he passed one of the dogs escaped through a hole in the hedge and attacked him.

Simpson Millar LLP fight a difficult case

Making a dog bite claim against a private individual isn't straightforward. It may not be worth making a claim against them unless they have insurance, or means to meet any award of compensation. A solicitor who has experience in dog bite claims should be able to advise you as to whether it is worth making a claim.

The dog wounded the CWU member and left a scar. He also suffered anxiety when at work and around unknown dogs.

We wrote to the dog owner to tell them that the postman intended to pursue a claim. Although initially the dog owner failed to accept responsibility for the accident and indicated he did not have any means to meet compensation, we were able to identify an insurance policy which offered the best chances of compensation. Responsibility was eventually conceded by the dog owner's insurers.

We managed to secure £2,500 in compensation for the postman.

Top tips to take home

  • Time is of the essence when reporting a dog bite claim
  • Be wary when entering other people's property
  • Your solicitor will always aim to get the best compensation available to you – this is why it is important to choose a solicitor who is experienced in dog bite claims

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