Injured because of a badly maintained bus station – Who is at fault?


A hygiene officer who tripped over a raised section of concrete paving whilst attending Ellesmere Port bus station has successfully claimed for compensation.

Accident Report

Muscular damage

The 53-year-old woman suffered ligament and soft tissue damage with bruising to her right knee. She also suffered muscular and ligament damage to her right hand little finger. The matter was immediately reported to the on duty member of staff at the bus station.

Restricted in hobby

The woman needed assistance from her husband with household chores and also was restricted in undertaking her hobby of gardening following the accident.

As the bus station was owned and maintained by the local authority, Simpson Millar LLP considered that the failure to maintain and repair was their responsibility. The defect was a foreseeable hazard, therefore it was the woman's case that the accident and following injury could have been prevented.

Because of the accident, medical attention was sought from the York Road Practice. Her injuries were confirmed as ligament and soft tissue damage, with bruising to her right knee. Because of the fall, she also sustained muscle and ligament damage to her right hand.

Medical reports

The medical expert recommended that the she undergo an x-ray of her right hand and an MRI scan of her right knee. We were able to secure funding from the council for both scans and arrange them.

Following completion of a successful course of physiotherapy, recommended by the expert to improve her residual symptoms, we were able to settle the woman's claim for £5000.

Simpson Millar LLP's Chris Hoyle commented:

"The case highlights the duty for occupiers of public premises to ensure that their premises are reasonably safe. Members of the public using the premises should not be put at risk of injury."

Top tips to take away

  • If you suffer injury on a public premises the occupiers can be held responsible
  • You can get help with the arrangement and payment of any medical examinations during your claim process

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