I was not properly trained and was injured at work - what can I do?


A Royal Mail worker was injured when she was asked to move empty mail storage containers. She came to Simpson Millar LLP through the Communication Workers Union to get compensation for her injuries.

Shoulder Injury at Work


Royal Mail had employed the 43-year-old woman as a postal worker. Her job was to move mail containers to different parts of the mail centre depending on where they were needed. On the day of her accident, she was asked to move empty containers that had been "nested" ie stacked together.

As the worker tried to move the first set of containers, she felt a pain in her right shoulder. The initial pain settled, leading her to believe that her injury would get better, but unfortunately this was not the case.


After 3 weeks the pain got progressively worse in her shoulder and began to spread to her wrist. Although she was unable to carry out her normal duties, she returned to work on light amended duties.

Misty Cawley, the personal injury solicitor from Simpson Millar LLP that handled the case said, "This is a case of an injured party being expected to carry out a task without any specific training."

"If your employer asks you to do a task for which you have not received training, you should consider raising the point with them. It is their responsibility if you are injured in the workplace."

"We arranged for her to be examined by an independent medical expert to consider her injuries. It also highlighted other complications she had as a result of the injury - including her wrist injury which had been largely ignored in the beginning."

"We worked long and hard to get the Royal Mail worker compensation for her injuries – our solicitors have a long history of negotiating on behalf of Royal Mail employees who suffer injuries at work."

On conclusion of her case she was awarded £10,000.

Top Tips to Take Home

  • Try to ensure that your accident is recorded in your company's accident book, no matter how small the injury – if you do come to make a claim, it will help your case
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible to diagnose all potential injuries
  • Even if your employer denies responsibility in the beginning, a good solicitor will be able to help you gain compensation

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