I Tripped Over Because of Poor Lighting – Can I Make a Claim?


Simpson Millar LLP has helped a woman who tripped over a piece of carpet due to poor lighting gain compensation.

Accident Report

The 25-year-old care assistant was making her way home from work one evening. She tried to turn on the light in the communal area of her flats but it wasn’t working. She continued to make her way to her flat. She tripped over a roll of carpet and fell, landing on her knee.

Early the next morning she made her way back down the stairs to take pictures of the roll of carpet. She reported her accident to the company carrying out the work, but they said they were unaware of any work being carried out. They said no carpet was present in the flat they were emptying, however, she already had proof in the pictures she had taken.

She went to the hospital for an x-ray and fortunately, there were no broken bones. However, her knee was black and swollen.

Poor Lighting to Blame for Accident

The effect of the accident on the woman's personal life was devastating. Before the accident she was due to start a new job as a healthcare assistant for the NHS. She was signed off from this job as unfit to work, and suffered depression.

Her knee would often give way as it could no longer support her, ruining a family holiday and causing her much trouble.

The woman contacted Simpson Millar LLP to handle her personal injury claim.

Simpson Millar LLP Help to Give Closure

After much chasing on our part, we were able to get the company responsible to admit their fault. We requested that a medical report be conducted as soon as possible to confirm the woman's injuries and support her case. The medical expert gave the woman a recovery time of 6 weeks. This proved too short as she was still suffering symptoms after then. We expressed this to the woman and that we wished to push for a higher level of compensation. However, she was happy to stick with the 6 week prediction. With the help physiotherapy, she was able to make a slow recovery. Throughout the case, we kept the woman constantly updated with progress reports. We understood the effect the accident had had on her personal life and how important a successful conclusion was. After negotiating with the insurers for those responsible for her accident, we managed to negotiate a figure of £1,820 compensation – the woman accepted.

Top Tips

  • You do not need to break bones to make a claim for personal injury
  • A claim for compensation can sometimes bring closure to a bad experience in your life
  • It is always best to tell your solicitor the best way to contact you throughout your claim – this will help them to keep you updated with any progress

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