I Slipped in the Tesco Delivery Area – Are My Injuries Worth Compensation


A man who was sub-contracted to grit the outside area of Tesco, suffered an injury when returning to the shop to look for his lost keys.

Broken Right collarbone

Only Asked to Grit Certain Areas

The 32-year-old self-employed man was asked to grit certain parts outside for the Tesco store. After completing his job, he was ready to go home. As he prepared to leave he realised he had lost his keys so he asked a member of staff to go with him and help look for them.

As he descended a set of stairs that he had not been instructed to grit, close to the Tesco delivery area, he slipped on some ice and fell.

Permanent Damage to His Shoulder

He was rushed to the hospital because of the severity of his injuries – he had suffered from a broken right collarbone and a lump on his shoulder that was expected to be permanent.

The fall had a significant impact on the man's life, and the lump on his shoulder was a blow to his self-esteem. He was unable to play football or squash for 6 months after the accident. It also ruined his future job prospects that he had lined up after he had completed the Tesco job.

Before the accident, the man was in the process of buying a window-cleaning round but due to his injuries, he could no longer follow through with this business deal. In addition to this, he was unable to carry out tiling work he had planned 4 months after the accident as he was still recovering from his injuries.

All Losses Were Taken Into Account

At Simpson Millar LLP, we worked closely with an accountant to make sure we had an accurate picture of his financial losses due to the accident – especially in terms of the work he missed out on due to his injury. Altogether, we were able to secure a compensation amount of £8,000 for the man's injuries.

Top Tips to Take Away

  • The compensation amount will be calculated based upon not only your current, but your future financial losses due to injury
  • Simpson Millar LLP's access to experts include those outside of the medical profession, such as accountants and financial advisors

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