I Injured Myself Working for Royal Mail, What Can I Do About It?


Being injured at work is often distressing. People do not go to work expecting to be injured or harmed in any way in the course of their employment. Unfortunately, accidents do occur in the workplace and you should seek compensation if you are put in this situation.

Accident Report - Personal Injury

How Did the Accident Happen?

The lady had worked for Royal Mail for 28 years as a postwoman. Whilst working her morning shift, she was emptying a mailbag into a cage. The cage was not in very good condition, unknowingly to the woman it was actually defective. Due to this, it collapsed causing her to partially fall into it and then onto the floor.

The 49-year-old woman suffered soft tissue damage to her pelvis and upper body causing her to take time off work to partly recover. On her return, she was put on light duties to prevent further damage to her injuries.

What Can My Solicitor Do for Me?

She approached us via her trade union, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) who we have worked with closely for a number of years.

We arranged for her to be examined by a medical expert who confirmed the nature and extent of her injuries. We also arranged for an MRI scan to help the medical expert complete his diagnosis. We then used this evidence in our negotiations with Royal Mail.

During this time, we realised it would be helpful for her to receive physiotherapy, to hasten her on going recovery. This is something we arranged as part of our service to her.

Following negotiations with Royal Mail, we secured a compensation award of £2,500 for the worker.

Top tips to take home

  • If you are seeking legal help or advice consult with your trade union first – they may be able to help
  • Cooperate with your solicitor to attend any medical examinations – these make all the difference when calculating your compensation
  • When you return to work, if necessary, request to be put on light duties – it is important not to over work yourself on your return

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