I Injured my Back on the way to work– Can I claim against my employer?


A Royal Mail worker suffered a back injury whilst travelling into work. Simpson Millar LLP helped him to win compensation for his injuries.

Back Injury

Loyal Worker Suffers Back Injury

The accident happened when the Royal Mail driver was on his way to work. He had worked for Royal Mail for 28 years. It was a particularly windy day and as he pulled up to the main gate it swung in the wind and hit his car. Not only did the gate write off his car but he also suffered a back injury.

He continued to suffer from regular flare ups of his back injury at work and as a result he had to take 3 weeks off. As a result of his back injury, the driver found it difficult to bend, stoop and lift things but he carried on with his daily activities.

The 49 year old brought his case to Simpson Millar LLP to make a claim for personal injury compensation. We have extensive experience in dealing with Royal Mail and their employees suffering injuries so we were best placed to help.

Back Injury Investigated

We sent a letter to Royal Mail setting out the man's case. Straight away they admitted they were at fault for not securing the gate and subsequently causing injury.

Arrangements were made immediately for the man to see a medical expert who also looked over his medical records. We discovered that the claimant had suffered from pre-exising back problems in the past and realised this may affect the level of damages he could claim for. The medical expert stated that only 20% of the claimants back symptoms could be attributed to his accident, 80% were as a result of his pre exisiting condition.

To help the Royal Mail driver, the medical examiner gave him some advice on how to manage the pain from his back injury and advice on long-term pain management.

Simpson Millar LLP Negotiates a Settlement

Having sent all the evidence to Royal Mail they made a low offer to settle the matter, we knew his claim was worth more. Simpson Millar LLP is experienced in negotiating compensation settlements, so we continued to work on behalf of the man to get him the level of damages he deserved.

We asked Royal Mail if they were prepared to put forward an offer of £3,000 to the claimant for his back injury. Royal Mail agreed to the new amount and the claimant accepted this figure.

Top Tips to Take Home

  • If you were injured whilst travelling into work, you can claim for compensation
  • If you are having problems dealing with the pain, a medical expert can advise you
  • A good solicitor will know how to negotiate with large companies like Royal Mail – choose a solicitor that is experienced in negotiating a settlement

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