I hurt my back at work – Can I make a successful claim for my injury?


Simpson Millar LLP has helped a man successfully win compensation from his employers, Weetabix Ltd.back Injury

Loyal Employee Harmed In an Accident

The 46-year-old technical operator had worked for Weetabix Ltd for 22 years at the time of his accident.

There was a problem with dry ingredients spilling out of the machine so the man tried to fix the problem. He tried to remove a cover to clean around the machine, but it was not attached to a hinge. This meant that the man had to remove the cover manually above his head to place it on the hooks. When he tried to lift the cover, he suffered a lower back injury.

After his accident, his employer made sure that all covers were hinged to avoid another accident in the future. Therefore, they knew a mistake had been made.

Because of his back injury, he was unable to play with his granddaughter or play sports with his friends and family. He also had to take 2 and a half weeks off work, missing potential over time.

Simpson Millar LLP Help Him to Claim

The man contacted Simpson Millar LLP to make a personal injury claim. When we contacted his employers, they admitted that they were at fault for his injuries. We then took steps to get the man medically examined by an expert. When we received the medical report back from the expert, it supported the Weetabix worker's version of events. This put him in a strong position to claim compensation. It also confirmed that he was suffering from soft tissue damage to his lower back.

The expert recommended that physiotherapy would be useful to help aid the man's recovery. We arranged for this to be paid for by his employer's so that he wouldn’t have to pay for something that wasn’t his fault. He also wanted to claim for his loss of earnings in relation to the overtime he missed. Knowing this, we entered into negotiations with his employer to make sure that he got the best deal out of the situation.

The original offer put forward by his employers was £3,000. We did not think this did justice to the man's injuries so we continued to negotiate for a higher settlement. We received an offer from the man's employers for £3,500, which he was happy to accept.

Top Tips to Take Home

  • Your solicitor is not limited to just getting you compensation – if there is something else that you require like physiotherapy, we can try and include this in your compensation deal
  • Soft tissue injuries are just as bad as breaking bones – you should not let this put you off claiming compensation
  • Your employer is responsible for keeping you safe at work – if they don't you could make a claim for compensation

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