I had an accident but didn't report it, can I still claim?


The first thing on your mind after experiencing an accident may be to report it, but there are some instances where you may forget or you are not given the opportunity. If this is the case you can still make a compensation claim. You will need a good solicitor to help you gain the evidence you need.

Accident Report

Can I use hospital records to prove I was in an accident?

If there is no accident book available then there are other ways in which you can support your claim for compensation.

If the injury was serious and you were taken away by an ambulance, then hospital records can be used to support your claim in place of an accident book report. This will stop the party responsible for your accident denying that it took place on their premises. In this case you will still have a chance of successfully bringing a compensation claim.

If the accident happened at work, your employer should always record the accident for you and should do so after every accident in the workplace.

How can I increase my chances of success without a record?

You can write a letter to the owners of the premises where you had your accident. Explain the details of your accident and your injuries. Send the letter by recorded delivery and keep a copy for yourself along with proof of postage.

By doing this you are making the place where you had your accident aware of the situation, so they cannot later deny they had no knowledge of your accident.

Ask if there is any CCTV footage of the place in which you had your accident. This is most helpful in cases where you have fallen in the street or in a supermarket. If they do have CCTV, ask them for a copy.

If they will not release a copy to you make this known to your solicitor. They may have more success in getting this piece of evidence to strengthen your case.

Were there any witnesses to your accident? If so, ensure that you have their contact details. This is useful for your solicitor in building a strong claim.

Make sure that you tell your GP or A&E where you were treated about the cause of your injuries. If they have recorded your accident as happening in a certain way at a certain place this may go a long way to prove a successful compensation claim.

Why do I need a solicitor?

A solicitor is useful throughout this situation. As you did not report your accident you may find it increasingly difficult to make a claim without legal assistance.

A solicitor can help you to gather substantial evidence which will support your claim. For example, they can obtain your medical records and send you for a medical examination to gain further proof that your accident led to an injury at the place where you suffered harm.

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