I Fractured My Arm After Falling on Ice – Can I Make a Claim?


Simpson Millar LLP recently helped a woman who slipped on some ice. She received a compensation settlement of £10,000.

Icy roads

On the Way to Work

The 62-year-old accounts clerk was on her way to work. She was walking on the road that leads to the car park of the main building. She suddenly slipped on some ice, fell, and hurt her arm.

Her injuries were so severe an ambulance was called to the scene.

On investigation, we found out that the place where she fell had not been gritted before the weekend despite bad weather. People would have been arriving at the business park at around 7am on the Monday morning and it still hadn’t been gritted. The company in question had failed to make sure that the area was safe for pedestrians and exposed her to a danger that was avoidable. They also failed to regularly inspect the area which could have been gritted had they taken the time.

The area was only gritted after the woman suffered her injury. This indicates that the company responsible were aware of her accident, and how severe it was.

Simpson Millar LLP Negotiate the Best Settlement

We arranged for an MRI scan to see the damage done to the woman's arm. We made sure the company's insurers paid for this. We also made sure that the MRI scan was done privately so the woman did not have to wait for an appointment on the NHS. It confirmed that she had indeed suffered from a fractured arm.

We contacted the insurers of the company responsible but they were slow to respond. We considered taking the case to court to get justice for the hardworking accounts clerk but eventually we entered into negotiations. Negotiations began with an initial offer of £5,000. This was way too low for the extent of the injuries the woman had suffered. We continued to negotiate on the woman's behalf and eventually we managed to get her a compensation settlement of £10,000.

Top Tips to Take Home

  • Ensure that the owner of the premises grits the area - report any areas that should be gritted that aren’t
  • Report accidents at work in the employers accident book
  • You won’t lose your job if you make a genuine claim for personal injury compensation against your employer

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