How Serious Can A Workplace Accident Get?


Engineers of all kinds are at risk of injuries at work. We receive a number of personal injury cases from BT engineers who find that the equipment they work with is not fit for purpose. This is what our client found out when he was injured at work and came to us for advice.

Safety in the Workplace is not just your responsiblity, it is also your employers

Daily Duties Lead to a Fall

Our client was 44 years old and had worked for BT for 2 years fixing faults and making installations prior to his accident. He was pulling a cable dispenser towards his van carrying out his daily duties when the right wheel fell off the dispenser. This caused the dispenser to tip over and cause our client to lose balance. He tripped, fell forward and head butted his van whilst twisting his neck and he fell to the floor. The accident happened so quickly, our client was unable to save himself by putting out his hands. He lost consciousness briefly for up to 30 seconds and only awoke when he began to receive assistance from those around him. When the ambulance arrived, he experienced amnesia for around half an hour. Clearly, this severe accident could have been avoided had our client's employer provided suitable work equipment.

Following on from his accident, our client suffered weakness and numbness along with tingling radiating down his right leg and a dull on-going pain due to the concussion he suffered. Sudden movements would worsen his symptoms but our client found a unique way to cope with his symptoms. Our client was previously in the army and said his previous training and resilience helped him to overcome the physical and mental difficulties that arose from his injuries. Despite this, he was still off work for around three months following the accident.

Small Accident, Big Repercussions

Around two months after the accident, our client's symptoms began to improve but for the first fortnight after his accident he had a very difficult time. Our client felt embarrassed due to becoming very dependent on his parents for help with self-care, toileting, feeding and washing - all tasks a previously healthy forty-something should be capable of doing for themselves.

The report conducted by the medical expert instructed by Jill Saggers, our Trainee Personal Injury solicitor, gave us the evidence we needed to negotiate with BT to settle our client's claim. In full settlement of his claim, Jill was able to negotiate a sum of £7,014 for our client's concussion and soft tissue injuries to his neck and back.

Cases like this show how important it is to have the right equipment, free from fault in the work place. A small slip, trip or fall can have major repercussions and shouldn't be taken lightly by you or your employer.

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