Homeowner Pays Compensation to Injured Postman


A London postman has been awarded £10,000 in compensation after our Personal Injury solicitor, Gary Tierney, took on his case.

Post Office letterbox

Homeowner Fails to Clear Moss on Steps

Our client was delivering a package to a basement level flat. As he was making his way down the steps to deliver the package, he slipped on the moss-covered steps and broke his left leg. He was taken to hospital to seek treatment for his injuries and the accident was reported to his manager at Royal Mail. His manager contacted the resident where the accident took place to tell them to clear the steps to avoid harming anymore postal workers delivering letters and parcels to the same address.

As a postman, a broken leg marked a long time from work as walking and being mobile is an essential part of the role. Taking time off work due to an accident can be a harrowing experience, especially when bills and other debts start to mount up.

Know Your Legal Rights

Following on from the phone call, the resident immediately cleaned the steps and made sure they were tidy to stop accidents from happening in the future. When someone is on your property, it is your responsibility to make sure that they come to no harm. This includes friends, relatives, guests and even postal workers who have a right of way to access your property to perform their job.

This accident and the subsequent compensation that followed because of Gary's hard work shows that home owners are legally responsible for their pathways and steps. A failure to maintain them can lead to serious injury. Homeowners should take responsibility for keeping their home safe for visitors before any accidents happen, if they don’t, they could end up paying out in compensation just like the homeowner did in this instance.

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