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The Law Of... making sure vulnerable members in society are represented

When it comes to compensation claims following an accident, the most vulnerable in our society can be ignored and their access to justice can be blocked by a casual attitude of indifference.

The Law Of... making sure vulnerable members in society are represented

Jonathan Grundy, Solicitor for Simpson Millar LLP, saw this first hand when he represented the family of an elderly lady that had been ignored following a fall that had serious consequences.

Bingo Hall Tragedy

An elderly woman, aged 92, sustained injuries at a local bingo hall when she was struck by automated swinging doors. The doors did not stop, causing her to be pushed to the ground. The accident resulted in a broken hip, requiring the woman to undergo hip replacement surgery.

Upon returning home from the surgery, the woman suffered another fall, due to the instability caused by the new hip – this subsequent fall resulted in further hospitalisation, where the elderly woman caught pneumonia and tragically passed away.

Giving Up On The Elderly

Before instructing Jonathan on the case, the family of the deceased sought assistance from another law firm, who did not make much progress with the claim – it was later claimed that the law firm did not seem to have much interest in the case, due to the age of the victim.

Having been recommended to the family, Jonathan knew an injustice had occurred and was determined to seek resolution and a compensation claim that would help the family through a difficult period of grieving. The family wanted acknowledgment from the bingo hall that they had been responsible for her death and this was simply not an "old lady dying".

Once Jonathan started to investigate the case further it became apparent that the bingo hall that caused the elderly woman's initial injury were also lacking in compassion or care about the case – again this seemed to be because of the victim's age.

Continuing to work tirelessly in the pursuit of a fair compensation claim, Jonathan soon suspected that the defendant's insurance company were hoping that if they held out on a settlement long enough, the family of the victim may abandon their pursuit for justice.

After issuing proceedings and taking the case to the defendant, Jonathan helped the victim's family receive a settlement offer, before the defendant even posted a defence.

Speaking on the details of the case, Jonathan said:

"The fact that the Defendants settled the claim as soon as proceedings were issued and served, and before a defence was filed, is evidence enough that they did not consider they had a feasible defence to the claim. This case highlights how some of the most vulnerable members of our society can be forgotten by the legal system, and it is a point of personal pride that I endeavour to represent these members of our communities."

"It was the attitude of the bingo hall that was particularly shocking. Their main clientele are elderly members of our society and they should strive to protect these people, however what we saw here was a blatant disregard for their responsibilities, not only to their customers, but to the family of the woman who passed away due to their negligence."

"What is most annoying and disappointing in this case is that, despite the constant denial of liability, since a settlement has been reached the family of the deceased have returned to the bingo hall to find that the door in question has been 'propped open'."

"Having dealt with similar cases in the past I could pick up on the subtle hints that the defendant and their insurance company were not giving a lot of weight to the incident. It is important that we tackle this dangerous attitude, especially in cases such as this where a family have lost a loved one."

"While the settlement offer given to the family won't bring their loved one back, it does go some way to establishing responsibility, which the family were pleased with, and I hope the incident serves as a lesson to the bingo hall, who should offer better protection for their customers in the future."

Representing The Unrepresented

Responding to the work completed by Jonathan, a family member of the deceased said:

"Jonathan Grundy has been superb; from the outset he managed our expectations and achieved the objectives that were discussed."

"The circumstances of the case were emotional for us, but due to the professionalism, work ethic, and sensibility shown we have been able to move forward through this matter and ultimately achieve a settlement. More importantly we gained recognition from the other party for our mother, who sadly passed away as a result of this incident."

"Throughout this matter we have had regular contact from Mr Grundy, keeping us appraised on every development. He has been realistic in his evaluation of each situation, allowing us to make informed decisions."

If you have been involved in an accident and feel that you have been marginalised because of your place in society, our supportive serious injuries team are on hand to help.

With experience in tackling a range of compensation claims, involving a large cross-section of our society, Simpson Millar will help you in your pursuit of justice.

At Simpson Millar, we strive to offer representation to those who have been ignored and we are on hand to hear the details of your case and advise on the best way to proceed with recovering any losses.

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