GMB action won against cinema after woman tripped over


Slip Trip HazardA woman who hit her head after tripping over has won £5,500 compensation from an entertainments group.

The accident occurred on 5 April 2011 in an alleyway which runs from a car park behind a cinema.

Accompanied by 2 colleagues, the woman tripped over a concrete block that had been used to secure a barrier to the entrance of the theatre complex's car park.

Falling forward, she hit her head on a metal pole, suffering a laceration to her head, a severe pain in her neck, shoulders and head and a graze to her right knee.

Since she continued for some time to suffer pain and discomfort, we invited Gala Theatre & Cinema, which is responsible for the thoroughfare, to participate in addressing the victim's immediate needs by way of rehabilitation.

On behalf of the GMB union we also brought a claim for compensation against the company, alleging that it was negligent and in breach of its statutory duty. The entertainments group had failed to ensure a safe passage to its property, failed to warn pedestrians of the tripping hazard, and failed in its common duty of care pursuant to the Occupiers' Liability Act 1957.

We negotiated a settlement with Gala Theatre & Cinema of £5,500 on the basis of a medical report and our claim schedule.

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