Gary Tierney Supports Woman Left With Facial Scars after Accident


Gary Tierney, our Partner and Head of Personal Injury, has recently helped a 54 year old postal worker recover £10,800 in compensation for injuries she suffered after sustaining a fall at work.

Gary Tierney Supports Woman Left With Facial Scars after Accident

Injured Due to a Blocked Path

Our client suffered the fall at work after large Royal Mail containers were blocking paths. Our client's usual route was blocked by a container, which meant she was forced to take another path and walk between two other containers. She tripped on the equipment left in the walkway and fell, suffering a head injury that left a deep wound on her forehead.

The Emotional Strain of Facial Scars

Due to her injuries, our client was unable to return to work for 3 months and couldn't drive for 6 months. Her personal life has also been interfered with as she used to be very active and went to the gym around 4 times a week, something she has had to stop doing. She also wasn't able to go out for a few weeks following the accident.

Our client now regularly experiences bad headaches following the accident, and she has been referred to a neurologist to try to help manage them.

As well as this, the head injury suffered has left our client with a 2 cm scar across her forehead, which she feels is unsightly. This facial scar is permanent and has had a knock on effect for our client's self-confidence.

The Importance of Keeping Work Safe

Gary, who is based in our Wimbledon office, helped settle the case favourably for our client by seeking a report from a plastic surgeon. The compensation awarded will help rebuild our client's confidence as it means she can now have access to a plastic surgeon to see if her facial scars can be healed.

Gary notes why employers need to do more to protect employees;

"This case is one of many that highlights just how important it is for employers to ensure that they provide their employees with a safe place to work. Making sure that there is safe access and that all walkways are clear and free from items is vital and can avoid the hazard of tripping."

Our personal injury solicitors at Simpson Millar LLP are experienced in helping individuals who have suffered due to accidents at work. If you've been injured, our team will support you in getting the compensation you need to be fully supported going forward.

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