Father of 2 who Hurt His Knee when he Tripped Over Wins £6,500


While out walking, a married father of 2 tripped on a manhole cover and hurt his knee. He was awarded £6,500 in damages.

Manhole Cover Accident

Tripped over a Manhole Cover

The man was walking down the road when he suddenly tripped due to a raised manhole cover. As he tripped he put all of his weight on his right leg as he twisted. He hurt his knee as a result. His knee became very swollen and following the accident began to lock, click and give way.

After seeking medical advice he found that he had torn something within his knee. To diagnose and repair the tear he had to undergo a procedure called an ‘arthroscopy’. An arthroscopy is a type of keyhole surgery commonly used on the joints. Following the operation, the locking and giving way of his knee stopped however, some squeaking and swelling remained as a painful reminder of his ordeal.

Personal Life Suffering After the Accident

Our father of 2 was off work initially for about 8 months before his operation. After the operation he was off work for a further 4-5 months. His previous job was very labour intensive, requiring him to push heavy trolleys. He had only been within the job for about 3 weeks before he tripped over and sustained injury. He was never able to return to that job.

Our married father’s personal life also suffered as a result of being tripped over by the raised manhole cover. He could not pick up his youngest daughter, only a baby at the time, for fear his knee would give way and he may put her life in danger by dropping her. He was unable to contribute around the home with simple things such as making dinner or DIY projects.

Prior to the accident he had been an active man, playing football 2-3 times a week. However, as a result of the accident, he no longer feels able to do so. After already hurting his knee he fears that he may cause himself further injury by participating in his favourite pastime and jeopardising his ability to work.

The grinding noise in the injured father’s knee is on-going and permanent but luckily there will be no disability.

The Case was Picked Up by Simpson Millar

The injured man’s case was previously rejected by his former solicitors who because they did not think he had a chance at success after suffering such a life hindering injury. However, after approaching Simpson Millar, we were able to negotiate a compensation win of £6,500 from the local council.

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