Factory worker who Tripped Over Hazard wins £2,200 in compensation


A 68 year old man who suffered a foot injury in London due to a pothole has won £4,000 in compensation.

Pothole in the road

Foot Injury Suffered

The retired man was walking through London to get to his bus stop. At the time of the accident, he was receiving daily radiotherapy and chemotherapy tablets for bowel cancer. This was a difficult time for him as the treatment was very intense and tiring on his body.

As he was crossing the road to catch the bus to the hospital, he stood in a pothole, causing him to fall. When he fell, he fractured his right foot resulting in a very painful foot injury.

Two kind members of the public helped him to his feet. Anxious not to miss his appointment at the hospital he struggled to make his way there with great difficulty.

Following his cancer treatment, the nurses advised him to go to casualty to get treatment for his foot. The cancer treatment had taken such a demanding toll on his body he declined and decided to go home to get some rest.

When he woke up the next morning he was unable to put any weight on his foot which was causing him agonising pain. The retired man had to call a friend to drop him off to the hospital where his foot was x-rayed and his foot injury was properly diagnosed as a fracture. He was given pain relief and anti-inflammatories for the pain.

Pothole Reported to the Council

A few days after his accident when taking the same route to the hospital, he met a man that had witnessed his accident and offered his assistance in giving evidence to support his claim. The people in the building that he fell in front of also suggested that it was within his best interests to report the pothole to Transport for London. Following this report the hole was filled by the council.

He suffered severe pain for 2 weeks after his accident and was walking with the aid of crutches. It took a further 2 and a half weeks after his accident before he could walk without crutches but he still had a distinct limp.

It took the wounded man 6 long months to recover from his injuries, during which time he attended 3 chiropody treatment sessions.

The accident had a damaging effect on his family life. He was unable to visit his grandchildren who live all across London and was unable to travel anywhere for 5 weeks.

Simpson Millar LLP helps win Compensation

The elderly man came to Simpson Millar LLP to bring his case against Transport for London for his painful and preventable foot injury.

Approximately 8 months after instructing Simpson Millar LLP to take on his claim, Transport for London admitted they were responsible for the man's accident. They were required to maintain the road in question, and by failing to do so exposed the retired gentleman to harm that could have been prevented.

Initially, they made an offer that was too low and not in the best interests of the injured man so we negotiated a higher compensation figure of £4,000. the retired man accepted the offer.

The 68 year old when asked was extremely complimentary of Simpson Millar LLP, and commented: "The service I received was excellent."

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