Electrician who fell over hazard at work wins £8,000


Ankle InjuryAn electrician who fell over at work has successfully won £8,000 compensation for an ankle injury and loss of earnings.

The accident happened whilst he was walking through the yard and testing emergency lighting as he fell over because of a defect in the concrete floor.

He twisted his ankle and found himself in a lot of pain and by the evening it was throbbing. The ankle injury also caused him to limp which made walking difficult. After the injury he found climbing a ladder very difficult. This made his job extremely problematic as climbing the ladder is an essential part of being an electrician.

He also found playing sport caused him pain, so he was no longer able to play golf.

On a day-to-day basis he did not feel confident on his ankle and sometimes had shooting pains when balancing on steps and whilst working.

As a result of the injury, he had to attend 4 appointments and an MRI scan which showed the poor physical state of the injury. He was advised by the doctor that he should not put any weight on his ankle for 6 weeks. He still finds his ankle painful and it throbs when he undertakes physical activities, such as work, golf and even walking.

The electrician also had to undergo an ankle arthroscopy, which is non-invasive surgery involving very small incisions to gain access into the ankle joint. Following this operation, he had to take significant time off work, which meant that he suffered financially. He was also concerned that the injury would cause his productivity to decline, especially worrying as he was paid on a bonus scheme. During this time he had to rely on his bank overdraft to meet financial commitments.

Simpson Millar identified that his employers had failed to assess the risks to their employee's health and safety, and thereby avoid a hazard at work. They had also failed to ensure that every floor in the workplace was suitable for its purpose, which is why the man fell over.

Based on his injury and loss of earnings, we were able to win £8,000 compensation for the electrician.

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